Family Support

Our biggest goal is to provide resources to families who have suffered a loss due to violence. To be a source of support and comfort.

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A Better Community

We strive to build stronger communities and bonds between survivor families and society. So that together we can spread awareness.

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Community Resources

We advocate for community resources in the North/Northwest side of Chicago.

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Since 2016

His Dreams, Our Story

On September 2016 our family was struck by tragedy, we lost our beloved Israel Aragon Jr. to gun violence and just did not know how we were going to live after such a devastating loss. Our whole family died that day, our hearts went with him when he died and for months we walked around like zombies not knowing what to do. It wasn't until we started hearing stories about him from friends, coaches, teachers, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances that we realized that in order to go on with our lives we had to make Israel’s dreams come true. As a family we can speak marvelous things about Izzy, but hearing people describe him as loving, helpful, joyful, smart, talented, determined, big hearted, silly and all sorts of great things made us realize that we had to keep his legacy and everything Israel worked for alive. As a family we decided to start a foundation in his honor and help whoever we can because that is what Israel did, he helped people, he shared his happiness, his laughter, his love. Our mission is to spread Awareness and Hope with much needed Love and Peace. To all those siblings, friends, & parents out there who feel as lost as we did and still do from time to time, we are here for you, you are not alone.

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Reach Out

If you or anyone you know is in need for some Hope, Love, & Peace feel free to contact us. If you have any ideas or simply want to volunteer let us know. Together we can all make a difference.